Your company can be great…here’s how!

Connect your employees directly with our Club kids while supporting the Boys & Girls Club programs they need to have a happy and healthy 2022…the perfect team-building opportunity for your organization!

“Dolores and I really did have a blast Zooming with the kids during our Shadow and Light workshop. Please also thank your amazing staff for helping us to present. We couldn’t stop talking about how much fun we had being scientists together with the students. The kids are awesome, smart, creative, and inspiring.”

–Denise, Corporate VoluntHERO

“Today was great and the kids are so much fun. We look forward to collaborating as VoluntHEROes again!”

-Mike, Corporate VoluntHERO



“Thanks for giving the opportunity for my team to serve the community and support the Club kids. Love all of them. They are so adorable, super creative and artistic!”

–Wendy, Corporate VoluntHERO

Meet Our VoluntHEROES!

Corporate VoluntHEROes are invited to participate in in-person or Zoom sessions with Club Kids, ages 6-14. Each company will choose from available dates in December and January, and their employees will be paired up with a group of Club members and a staff leader. Each session is designed to engage volunteers and members alike in various activities that highlight the value of literacy, healthy habits, STEM, and plain old FUN.

Reading Hero: Is reading your VoluntHERO superpower? Time to show it off! Reading Heroes will participate in a 1-hour read-along with a group of Club members and play games and icebreakers to promote the power of literacy.

STEM Hero: You’re a STEM hero if your superpowers are in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Math. Join Club Kids for technology and STEM- based activities in this one-hour session that enables the next generation of innovators!

Hobbies Hero: Do you have a super-secret talent as your superpower? This session is for you. Join Club Kids for holiday-themed arts & crafts sessions, music lessons, or other hobbies that highlight talents and promote individuality.

Health Hero: If your interests lie in health, fitness, or nutrition, then you can be a Health Hero! These 1-hour sessions with club members will focus on the value of building lifelong healthy habits through fitness or nutrition-based activities.

‘Create Your Own’ Hero: You do you! Our amazing program team will help create a VoluntHERO opportunity that’s completely unique to your organization.


We will coordinate dates and times on a first come first serve basis.