Help us say Thank You to
Vice President Kamala Harris!

We’re sending a thank you card to the Vice President for visiting New Haven and our Clubhouse. Add your name here to sign the card!

New Haven's Historic Moment

Last week’s visit from Vice President Kamala Harris was a historic moment for The Boys of Girls Club of New Haven, the Hill neighborhood, and our city. What a spectacular way to celebrate our Club’s 150th Anniversary of creating Great Futures for New Haven youth!

We are honored that the Vice President stopped by to say hello and acknowledged how the Boys & Girls Club of New Haven helps strengthen our community by providing support and care for Club kids and their families. We will be getting photos of the Vice President’s visit and will be sure to share the best pictures with you. 

We’re so excited to say, “Thank You, Vice President Kamala Harris, for your visit and for all the important work that the Biden-Harris administration is doing to help children and families who need us most!”…and we want to add your name to the card! 

**Names will be added here several times daily. All names received by this Friday 4/2 will be added to an actual card that will be mailed to Vice President Kamala Harris.**

 Rosa Ferraro-Santana

Kathy Salisbury

Raymond Allen

Elizabeth Herlihy

Allison Rivera

Salamatu Mohammed

Tiffany Penn

Fallon Thomas

Tiffany Williams

Leslie Brown

Sarah McIver

Alder Honda Smith

Donna Batts-Greene

Dr. Chaka Felder-McEntire

Barbara Moynihan

Kendell Williamson

Leandrea Brantle

Greg Mickelson

JoAnne Wilcox

 Rosa Ferraro-Santana

          Alice Brantle

       Bella DiMaggio

       Tanisha Redic

      Juliana Romano

      Peter Crumlish

     Brian Tompkins






    Nneka Maiurro

Kisha Howard

Stan Dombroski

Yvette Brown

Michael Bianchi

Robert Fournier

Marilyn Burlenski

Ebony Wright

Giulia Gambale

Kyle Foley

Chrisma Phillips

ChrisAnn Miranda

Christine Nix

Shardeena Denby

Diana Golden

Amanda Torres

Rhonda Tillman

James Lee

               Katie E.

           Katrina Rice

         Nadine Logan

         Carol Johnson

          Nikiya Lester

       Pamela Delerme

         Thretha Green

           Alyssa Carr

       Nancy Ruther

Portia Jenkins

Gary Mayes

Joseph Camerato

Mark Simon

Margit Dahl

Kathleen P. White, M.D.

Gordon Geballe

Alder Ron Hurt

Jamila Thompson

Howard Boyd

Sarah Fabish

Angela Hatley

Ann Mccarthy

Paul McCarthy

LaToya Gause

Diana Edmonds

Dawn Meeker

          Kamryn Mann

            David Davis

           Julie Stewart

      Kimberly Edwards

          Nancy Jordan

        Fielding Johnson

            Eric Holder

         Tharon Mayes

    inghCaryl Decarlo

Elena Cahill

The Shieh Aronson Family

Cheryl N Brantle

Salvatore DeCola

Andrea Penn

Daryl Jones

Deborah Stanley-McAulay

Kanicka Ingram-Mann

Stefanie Longo

Carmen Rodriguez

Alder Kampton Singh

Andreea Ciobanu

Susan Baserga

Claudette Kidd

Jean Molot

Deborah Chambers

           Jaxon Mann

       Dorothea Kelson

        LaToya McCrea

         Rhonda Young

         Asadie Walters

         Luretha Tolson

        Harvey Feinberg

             Daisy Hull

           James Spears