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Here are stories that illustrate the difference our programs are making for children and families. This is our impact!

Cherie’s Story

Great Futures Campaign


Gionni Burgos at the Governors Luncheon 2014

Gionni speaks about how the Mentor2Win program at the BGCNH has helped him!

Tharon Mayes

Tharon Mayes Coaching New-generation of Basketball Players


Boys & Girls Club Member - Great Give

Michael has been a Club member for over 4 years. He attends Celentano School. Michael struggles socially and academically and has also been bullied at school. He had extreme difficulty in interacting with other students. When his grandmother enrolled him at the Club 4 years ago, she told staff “ I’m signing him up, but I know it won’t last. He’s been in 3 other after school programs and they couldn’t deal with him.”

We began working with Michael and in the past few years, Michael has gained friends at the Club. His social skills have improved dramatically and he does not feel isolated or “different” here. As his confidence grew, he joined the in-house soccer program at the Club and discovered he has a passion for the game. His grades have also improved. He’s had a couple of behavioral incidents at school and at the Club this year, as opposed to almost weekly incidents in prior years.

Next year when he’s 13, Michael looks forward to being a part of the Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program where junior staff are mentored and given leadership opportunities in preparation for part-time positions at the Club the following year. Michael feels a sense of belonging at the Club – he knows he can trust his friends and the staff. We are also proud that our Club culture is such that kids embrace other kids, regardless of their differences. Bullying is kept at a minimum and when it does occur, it is usually addressed club member to club member, not by a member of staff.

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