TEEN Shadow Day at University of New Haven


During Spring Break Club members of the Boys & Girls Club of New Haven visited the University of New Haven Campus! As part of UNH Students Adolescent Development Service Learning Course they were tasked with welcoming 22 club members from the Boys & Girls Club – Columbus Avenue Site to UNH.

Academic Success  Academic Success

Club members arrived at 9 AM and began their day by being paired up with a college student. There were roughly 40 people in  the first class, the topic was about morality and why teens engage in destructive behaviors, at times. Our kids had a lot to say and it was an energizing class.

After lunch and various student activities. Amanda Bozack, Associate Professor of Education met up with everyone at 3:00 PM for departure. Some of the students she worried most about in her class were the ones who’d clearly had the best day–they felt like they made a real contribution and were sad to see the kids go. “One young man made quite an impression last year and he was back again, clearly pleased that I’d remembered him. I’m fortunate to get to see all of these students, club members and UNH students, rise to the occasion; it’s truly the highlight of my spring semester” said Amanda Bozack, PhD. Associate Professor of Education. “To the Boys & Girls Club, thank you for working so hard to help build strong foundations in the New Haven youth and for helping them see possibilities for themselves that they may not have otherwise.”

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