Too many of New Haven’s youth are challenged with many obstacles. Poverty, lack of positive adult role models, academic challenges and feelings of hopelessness. Everyday, the Boys & Girls Club of New Haven enables many children to overcome these obstacles. As Club kids move from challenge-to-challenge, in their schools, neighborhoods and families, the Club stands as a consistent and nurturing presence. The Boys & Girls Club of America has called for a national call to action and charged all local Clubs and Alums to participate and get involved. We need all Alums to RECLAIM their local Clubs and to renew their memberships and relationship with the Boys & Girls Club.

“Boys & Girls Clubs have impacted the future of multiple generations, with 54 percenti of our Alumni saying that their Club saved their lives,” said Jim Clark, president & CEO of BGCA. “We want to reconnect with the millions of former Club kids and issue a call to action to come together as advocates and ambassadors for Clubs around the country, so that every kid in America has an open door to a great future.”

It’s estimated that one out of every 16 Americans has been a Club kid at one point in their life. In an effort to reconnect, BGCA is leveraging the power of social media and rallying its celebrity alumni and friends as part of this effort with well-known supporters like Shaquille O’Neal, Jennifer Lopez, Usher, Evander Holyfield, Nick Cannon, Queen Latifah, Victor Cruz, Michael Phelps and others encouraging their social media fans and followers and the millions of Club Alumni to join.

Your support will allow more New Haven youth to participate in our programs.

We look forward to connecting with you soon! Please consider a donation as we work to build a vibrant Alumni Association that will make a difference in the lives of New Haven’s youth, just like the Club did for us. We appreciate you and thank you in advance!

Are you an alumnus of the Boys & Girls Club of New Haven? We’d love to hear from you!